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Porn Blocking is essential for every family.

We all try to provide safety for our family but too often we limit our efforts to the physical safety. Our kids know not to talk to strangers but what about looking at pornography? Are you protecting your family with the best web filtering? The damage done to families and marriages is well documented. Even kids with the best Christian upbringing can be tempted. Since 1999 we have provided porn blocking to families accross the USA. Sign up today.

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Server based porn blocking. TVO Blockit

Family Plans Available
Protect all your Internet devices.

Family plan blocks pornography on desktops,
                    laptops, and mobile devices.

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Why Web Filtering?
Because you care about your family. Having some sort of porn blocking is the only true method of keeping your family safe while using the Internet. Not having web filtering is gambling with the well being of your marriage and your children
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Why Choose For Family Porn Blocking?
Because you care about your family. ForFamily.net of NH is a service of True Vine Online, a respected Christian company since 1999. Thousands of families have trusted us. Over 50 percent of our customers have been with us for 5 years or more. Our TVO Blockit software protects laptops, desktops, and mobile devices better than any other system. We are so sure that we'll give you 30 days to try it before we charge you. If you're not satisfied simply phone us and cancel before the end of your 30 days... More Info | Sign Up

What do you mean by "server based" porn blocking?
Some software waits until the web pages are received into your computer (in a hidden file you don't see) then try to analyze the page and "guess" if it should be allowed or not. Our web filtering checks with our server before the page request is even sent out. Our server has a database of pre-catagorized sites. It only takes a half a second to check. It won't slow you down. Your computer's power isn't used analyzing sites. It has already been done. Our system is more accurate and faster. It blocks sites BEFORE they enter your home... More Info | Sign Up

What do you mean by "well balanced" web filtering?
Web filtering isn't simply looking for key words. The object of any web filtering is to block the highest percentage of pornography and Internet dangers with the lowest percentage of legitimate innocent sites blocked by mistake. Over almost 15 years we have achieved the best possible balance and we think you'll agree. We use a variety of methods to achieve this goal... More Info | Sign Up

What do you mean by "managed" web filtering?
We are willing to keep the password for you. Our customers seem to prefer it that way. Most web filtering software is sold to you then you get ignored. You download it and get a password to control the rules. Passwords can fall into the wrong hands or be used in a moment of weakness to access things you shouldn't. They don't want to be bothered. We don't consider it a bother to block or unblock a site for you. We have built our business on our sperior customer service. We'll even talk you through the installation process... More Info | Sign Up

What devices will your porn blocking protect?
We offer our web filtering for the following devices:
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